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Gardening & Landscaping

Gardening & Landscaping…

Here at Bretby we have everything you need to help maintain your garden and keep it looking refreshed and beautiful. We have a full range of Garden sundries and tools to keep your plants and lawn well fed and free from pests all year round.

Gardening Advice…

Why Feed Your plants?

It is important to water and feed your plants so you can provide them with a great growing start. Plants are all living things and need plenty of nutrients and minerals if they are to bloom into beautiful healthy plants.

Plants need a mixture of three main types of plant food:

– Nitrogen which promotes healthy leaf growth.

– Phosphates which help their roots to develop.

– Potash which encourages your plant to produce more flowers and fruits.

Make sure the plant food you choose can provide all three different things; you might even want to use a mixture of different feeds for your plant to reach its maximum potential.

Make sure you know or ask one of our helpful team members who will be able to advise you on what plant food your plant will need.  For example you may have an Azalea or Rhododendron, for these plants you would need to make sure you purchased an ericaceous feed as they are an acid loving plant.

Get Rid Of Those Awful Weeds!

Weeds are not only unsightly but they can also steal vital water and nutrients from your plants. Pulling them out of the ground by hand may be effective but it sure is hard work, especially if they just grow back again within a few weeks. Invest in an effective weed killer to tackle tricky weeds that just won’t leave your garden alone.


Get rid of those pests in your garden with our great selection of pest control products. Whether it’s bugs eating all of your prize winning plants or the neighborhood cat making a mess in your borders, we’ve got something to stop them!

Make sure you identify the guilty pest before you buy a product; you need to know what you’re dealing with first. If you’re not sure then bring in a leaf sample and one of our helpful team members will be able to identify it for you and point you in the right direction for treating it.

Don’t Make Gardening More Difficult For Yourself!

You won’t get far without any gardening tools, especially if you’ve got to dig out a new border or vegetable patch! We stock a wide range of tools and accessories from Wolf Garten and Wilkinson Sword. If you’ve got a job to do in your garden we’ve got the solution to help.


Transform any outdoor space with our choice of bagged aggregates. We have an extensive range of Meadow View gravels and slates to choose from that can add colour, suppress weeds and freshen up a garden quickly and easily.

We also have a wide range of stoneware, statues and birdbaths that can also create superb focal points. We stock statues and ornaments from London Ornaments, Artform, Da Vinci and Gardens of Stone.

We stock a comprehensive range of fencing and trellis from David Musson fencing, AFK and Charles Taylor in many sizes and styles to suit all budgets.

Come and take a look at our great range of Charles Taylor Wooden Furniture. We have everything you could possibly want from arbours, benches, planters and arches. We stock products for all budgets and spaces from David Musson and AFK. Arbours are brilliant as a focal point in the garden, or as a great escape to relax in the sun.