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Planting & Potting

Planting & Potting…


At Planters at Bretby we pride ourselves on our range of growing media. We stock trusted brands such as Miracle Gro, Levington and Erin. Year round we stock multi-purpose, ericaceous, moisture control and rose, tree and shrub composts. We also supply a peat-free compost for customers wishing for even greener gardening.

We also have an extensive grow your own range. From Tomato growbags to Potato grow sacs to farmyard manure we can help you put your own veg on the dinner table.

Pots & Containers…

At Planters at Bretby we have a great range of pots and containers to suit all styles and budgets. We stock an extensive range of Apta terracotta pots which are consistently popular with our customers. The 10 year frost protection guarantee allows for a confidence and peace of mind when choosing pots which will have pride of place in your garden for years to come.

We additionally stock a large range of pot feet and stands. Not only do they finish off your potted arrangements, but they also allow for better drainage and in doing so prevent your plants from rotting during prolonged periods of inclement weather.