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Wild Bird Care

Wild Bird Care…

We have a great range of bird feeders starting from only £2.99! Our Gardman and Tom Chambers stands provide top quality products at great prices. There are lots of different feeders, treats, bird stations and bird tables to choose from so we are sure to have the right one for the birds in your garden.

We also stock the ever popular poppy and daffodil feeders, with money from each purchase being donated to charity. Decorative feeders including solar powered feeders are also available.

Our red barn wild birdseed is of the highest quality. We have so many different types to choose from including niger seed, no grow, husk free and of course a highly nutritious and beneficial standard wild birdseed.

We also have a wide variety of suet products. Suet is very palatable and is a great way to give your birds lots of energy especially during the winter months. Attract the birds into your garden and watch them tuck in!

As for wildlife, we stock hedgehog houses, ladybird towers, bug hotels, butterfly biomes and more.

Top Bird Care Offers

12.75kg Bags of Wild Bird Seed
£9.99 each or 2 for £16

Bird Feeding Stations
from £9.99