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We have ranges from the following companies:

Petface, James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin, Harringtons, Rosewood, Kong, Johnsons, Habitrail, Pillow Wad, Marriages, Tom Chambers, Gardman, Red Barn, Wildlife World, Jacobi Jayne, Mr Fothergills

We have everything you need for your dog, cat, bird and small animal!

We have a great range of wild bird products including feeders for every kind of seed and feed. Our Red Barn range has bird feed formulated specifically for all the different types of birds you will find in your garden.

Top 3 products


Pillow Wad Econest:

Econest is essentially shredded cardboard however it is dust extracted several times which means it is great at protecting your furry friends respiratory system! Fantastic odour control and a natural look make this one of our favourite products.


Tasty Bones:

Do you have a dog that destroys every toy in seconds? Why not try Tasty Bones! They are made from super strong nylon and come in a fabulous range of flavours! They also come highly recommended from the pet shop supervisors Staffies!


Fantasy Hamster Cage:

These brightly coloured, easy to clean cages make a fantastic home for any happy hamster. They can also be stacked on top of each other to make an even bigger home!

Pet of the moment!

Our pet of the moment is our lovely Guinea Pig Terry! Terry is a young Guinea Pig and is still a little bit shy but his three housemates are certainly boosting his confidence. If you are interested in meeting Terry then please pop into our Pet Department next time you are visiting Planters at Bretby.